Clip-In Extensions

Clip in extensions are a great option for someone who only wants to wear their extensions for a special occasion, such as your wedding day, or simply would like to be able to place them as they wish! These extensions are simply wefts that are clipped into the hair and can be removed/placed easily by the client.

These extensions also need to be color matched and trimmed to properly blend with your natural hair.

Clip-in Extensions: $300+


Hand-tied extensions are a type of semi permanent extensions that minimize damage to the natural hair. By installing an anchor of beads and string to install the extension wefts directly to, this takes the weight off of your natural hair.

Your first initial installation appointment is the most costly. You will be purchasing the hair wefts themselves, getting the hair color matched to your color, having the hair wefts trimmed to blend with your natural hair, as well as having them professionally installed.

Your visits following this would involve simply moving your wefts up as your roots grow in. The wefts will begin to grow out with your natural hair and will require replacement as it does so. How often will you need to move your extensions up? This really depends on how fast your natural hair grows. Typically every 8 weeks or more!

First visit full installation: 18”: $600+ 22”: $750+ Follow up extension move up appointment: $150+