Where are you located?

Hello Darling Beauty is for on location services only for the convenience of our clients.  We therefore have no physical salon, however all of our bridal trails are done at our home studio in King George, VA.

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          All weddings have a 6 service minimum requirement. 

          Ex. Bridesmaid Hair = 1 service, Bridal Makeup =1 service, Flower girl hair = 1 service...etc. 


How long do beauty services take?

Typically, an updo can take up to an hour and a makeup application 30 minutes


How should I prepare my hair for styling?

We prefer that hair be freshly washed and blow dried with a little mousse


How do I know if I need more than one stylist?

This depends on how many services are required and how long you have available to complete them. Please email us with your time frame and number of clients/services required so that we can let you know if a second stylist is needed


Is the save the date expense applied to the cost of services?

The save the date expense covers the cost of traveling expenses and is not applied to cost of services. 


How is payment required?

Payment is always due by 12 pm the day prior to the date of requested services.

All services for the wedding day are required to be paid in total on one invoice. We have found through our many experiences that this is truly the best way to go about it! Collecting separate payments on the wedding day can be extremely stressful and chaotic to everyone involved. Our goal is to make your wedding preparation stress-free, and therefore feel it is best to have this squared away so that no one is worried about it on the wedding day itself.  Separate payments from your bridal party can be collected by you personally if you are wishing to have them pay for their own services, but our payment is required in one transaction on the day before the wedding or prior.


Do you do airbrush makeup?

We do not offer airbrush makeup, for we prefer to have more control and creativity to our applications required for highlighting and contouring. 


What brand of makeup do you use?

HDB uses the foundation line Mirabella Beauty. Other eye shadows, highlighters, bronzers, etc are made up from a few of our favorites such as Mac, Smash Box, Urban Decay, Bobbi Brown, etc. Only professional products are used


Does someone getting their hair blown out need to come with it wet?

They absolutely can if that is convenient for them! If they do not arrive with their hair already wet, then it will be sprayed down with a water bottle. 


Can we use you for just makeup or just hair services instead of both?

Of course! As long as it meets the services required, you are free to choose whichever services best fit you and your party.