The #1 Skincare Routine Mistake I See My Clients Make

Okay Y'all.. I would just like to talk to you about a reoccurring issue that I see when I go to do a makeup application on most of my clients. When I have the initial conversation with my client to get a feel for their skin type they tend to say how oily their skin is and how it is a constant issue for them (in most cases). When I go to apply their makeup however, I am shocked to find how extremely dry I personally think their skin is. This makes a smooth makeup application more challenging. 

I myself growing up was a victim of some horrible skin issues. I had issues with acne, which later turned into acne scaring. Now that I am an adult those problems did not just vanish for me. I still have to keep a strict skin care routine or my face will immediately remind me of its natural ways. Although I keep up with my skincare routine, there are still of course issues here and there, because hey, no one is perfect!

I find that a lot of my clients are just like me. They had skin  issues as well growing up and had/are trying every product under the sun to tame their acne. We grew up with alcohol wipes, strong zit zapping cleansers, and of course the famous Proactive. Trust me, been there, done all of that too. The problem with this is that all of those products are extremely drying to our skin. We are no longer in middle school and our skin (although we think so) is not as oily as it used to be when we were in puberty. 


I get it, no one likes their face to look shiny, but these products could possibly be your worst enemy. I can't tell you how many of my clients tell me that they do not use a daily moisturizer on their skin, because "their skin is too oily already." What if I told you that by using these products and not moisturizing your skin, that YOU are creating your oily skin!

Your body's natural instinct is to protect itself. Our skin is not made to be extremely dry. By using these drying products you are fighting with your skin everyday. Your body is going to generate even more oil than normal to compensate for what you are taking away and drying out.

So what is the best solution? Use a less drying facial cleaner that will still maintain your clear skin, a proper toner, and (yes) a MOISTURIZER. I also highly suggest using an electric facial cleanser brush as well! This insures that your skin is getting a deep clean as well as exfoliating those dead and dry skin cells. 


If you are hesitant I would suggest starting with a gel based moisturizer rather than a lotion. This is lighter and won't feel as weighing on your skin! 



I hope this was helpful for some of you and please do not hesitate to ask any questions! We love to help! :)

P.S.. don't forget your SPF as well! ;)