Stefany's Winter Wonderland Wedding

Kerry Renee Photography

Kerry Renee Photography

I was so extremely happy to be apart of this wedding not only as a vendor, but as a guest as well. As many of you know, all of our bridal trials are held in the back of this adorable boutique in downtown Fredericksburg called Peacaloo Boutique (which these amazing silver bridesmaid dresses came from!). Stefany is not only the owner of that adorable boutique but a dear sweet friend of mine as well. Anyone that has had the pleasure of meeting Stefany knows how incredibly kindhearted and caring she is, and I am so glad I was able to see her marry the man of her dreams!

Something people may not know about Stefany however is that she apparently is the snow whisperer. She wanted so bad for it to snow on her wedding day to complete her winter wonderland dream wedding. Stefany prayed and prayed for snow and God most certainly listened to her prayers, because we woke up to snow that morning! It was absolutely beautiful and amazing because that is exactly what she had been dreaming of.

Kerry Renee Photography did such an amazing job capturing Kyle and Stefany's special day, along with their love for one another and their family and close friends. While the snow looked so beautiful, I was able to do my part indoors while Kerry and the wedding party braved the cold. The pictures turned out absolutely amazing! Kerry didn't seem phased at all and I was in awe!

Kyle and Stefany are so close with their friends that they seemed like part of the family. It was nice getting to know all the girls during wedding prep time and seeing them all have an absolute blast together at the reception! Their love for the couple clearly showed and you could tell how each of them knew Kyle and Stefany were meant to be. Their support for them was so sweet to witness.

I love the fact that I knew Stefany personally before being a vendor at her wedding. I have had the pleasure of getting to know her family as well and it is very evident where her kind heart is generated from. No matter who this family comes in contact with they make feel special and welcome. They are an amazing example of their faith daily. 

Thank you Stefany for allowing me to be apart of your and Kyle's beautiful wedding. I can't wait to see how your love is going to grow throughout your marriage together!

Continued gorgeousness from Kerry Renee below!

They included their adorable dog Akeda in their wedding too! 

VENDORS: Photographer: Kerry Renee Photography Second Photographer: Chris Henrick // Ceremony: Encounter Church // Reception: Rock Hill Plantation // Caterer: Tast of Elegance // Dessert: Sugar Shack  // DJ: Mike Beene    // Dress: Ava Laurenne Bride // Brides Maids Dresses: Peacaloo Boutique

Kerry even caught me all googly eyed dancing with my man! ;)